Digital Technology

"Applications in the Field of Ocularistry"


Digital Technology and how it relates to applications in the field of Ocularistry. An outline containing detailed process steps and purchasing options is also provided. The article gives a general guideline which can be tailored towards each Ocularists’ business needs. Implementing the digital camera technology will allow for more accurate, easily retrievable and transportable information, along with vital photo information for reproduction.


Digital and laser technology have been used in the medical, military and high-tech fields for many years. Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.) have now made this technology both user friendly and more affordable to the general consumer. Couple this with the advancements made on the world wide web, along with graphic computer programs, and the limitations are bound only by the imagination of the end user.

Technical Applications

  • Patient reference photos for painting duplication
  • Reference photos for measurement techniques
  • Patient filing and insurance submittals
  • Clinic studies and patient case monitoring
  • Patient care/maintenance materials
  • Internet Website/e-mail ready for sharing and discussing among professionals around the world.
  • Simple archiving to diskette or compact disc for business and O.S.H.A. needs
  • Presentation / Instructional Materials
  • Publishing in Medical Trade Magazines
  • Personnel training materials

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