Patient Stories

I have been blind in my right eye since I was 11 months old due to an accident. Over the past 41 years, I have been to some bad ocularists. I would have to say Lisa Johnston is by far the best in providing me with a quality prosthesis and care. I travel from Texas to North Carolina to get her to make me one when it is needed. She has been my ocularist for the last 10 years and I would recommend her to anyone. Not only is she my ocularist but she is also my friend.

P,S. No Other ocularist I know allows you to have access to such beautiful nature (Horses, hummingbirds, peacocks, etc..) while you get your prosthesis made, fitted or cleaned. It is an experience you will cherish forever I know I do.

CK - Allen, Texas

“As a rookie prosthetic eye wearer I am thoroughly enjoying my pretty little green eye that Lisa made for me. It fits perfectly and looks exactly like my real eye. Since the first day that I received this new eye it has felt so comfortable. Now six months later I am still amazed at how natural it feels - I hardly notice it. Thank you, Lisa” LD – Charlotte, NC

“New eye is wonderful, I have no problems. You knocked it out of the park. Thanks so much!” GM – Charlotte, NC

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. You have made my eye visits so comfortable. My eye looks great! & I’m so happy with it. Everyone has told me it looks super.” CH – Covington, VA

“I am the mother of a son born with bilateral microphthalmia. At the age of three, he was in need of a scleral shell. We experienced some poor work and treatment at other Ocularists, but then we found Lisa Johnston, a Board Certified Ocularist, who has strong communication skills and is wonderful to work with. The results of her work are unparalleled. My son is now sixteen years old, and we have worked with Lisa for the last thirteen years. She has always exceeded our expectation with realistic results and personal service throughout the process of creating the prosthesis. Her work is allowing our son to live his life fully.” KE – Greensboro, NC

“I have had an artificial eye for 72 years. Over the years I have had many replacements and many ocular providers. The first ones were glass, and then they changed to the current materials. Most people do not know that I have an artificial eye. As my socket has changed over the years, Lisa has changed the prosthetic for a perfect fit and any color changes in my good eye are captured in the artificial eye. If you want an eye that is comfortable and your friends will not know it is artificial - I highly recommend Lisa Johnston and the Johnston Ocular Prosthetics team.” MF – Pinehurst/Southern Pines, NC

“My new eye is wonderful, everything feels great, people are noticing in a good way” and asking “did you get a new eye, … I thought so, because it looks great.” SNA - Raleigh, NC

“I went to another Ocularist who was not certified, and was not satisfied with the work done, nor how I was treated. Then I came to Lisa, a Board Certified Ocularist, and now I am very happy with my new eye.” AK - Charlotte, NC

“I am very happy with my new eye. Thank you for making this whole experience comfortable for me.” SG - Charlotte, NC

“Thank you for the work you did for my prosthetic eye, it looks so much like my right eye and I haven’t had any problems with it!” ML – Raleigh, NC

“I was a happy, healthy, newlywed. I went for a routine eye exam with a local doctor. I had suffered no pain and was unaware of what was brewing in my body. At the exam with the doctor I covered my right eye to read the chart with my left eye and there was nothing. It appeared to me as a wall of nothing, not black but white. When the doctor examined my eye he saw a “growth” in the eye. After the examination, the doctor told me I had a melanoma or cancer. He could not tell me the cause but gave a list of several possible causes. He explained that every person is born with cancer cells and different things activate those cells in different people. What followed was more tests and preparation for the surgery. Among other things, I was injected with radioactive dye. The doctor explained that the dye would identify the cancerous portion of my eye during the surgery. Part of the preparation for the surgery was a consultation in which I was told that they could remove just the cancerous part and leave the eyeball for cosmetic purposes, or they could remove the entire eye that would better assure the cancer was gone. Either way, I would not have vision in the eye anymore. The doctor explained that if the cancer returned and got to my brain it would likely kill me. When I first heard the word cancer I immediately thought I was going to die. After surgery, I felt so ugly I was concerned that my husband wouldn’t love me anymore. He proved he loved me even more and the eye didn’t matter to him. Between March and June I suffered depression and gained about 60 pounds. Several other things were going on that would get me over the depression and give me a reason to embrace life again. My place of employment is a community rehabilitation facility for disabled adults. Seeing them every day, enjoying life and being happy regardless of what fate had dealt them made me realize that I didn’t have anything to complain about. I could still see and just needed to make adjustments. I finally concluded that if this was the worst that would happen to me in life, I was in good shape.

Over the next 22 or so years I would travel to see Mr. Johnston every year. At these times he would look at the prosthesis and my eye socket to make sure the fit was still good. Mr. Johnston was a Board Certified Ocularist, and I believe one of the few ones on the East Coast at the time. After years of going to see Mr. Johnston, his daughter Lisa took over the business. I have faithfully gone to see Lisa twice yearly and she has since made me another prosthesis. At the time of this writing I have worn an artificial eye for 27 years and I am a happily married wife and mother. I rarely have any problems with my eye and often forget that I am wearing the prosthesis. I credit the grace of God for how all these things came together and try to remember that I could have died. I credit the love and support of my husband throughout it all. I feel as though the doctors really saved my life by recognizing the problem initially and knowing the right doctors to refer me to for the surgery and to the doctor for knowing about Mr. Johnston to give me the ability to feel good about myself again. I thank God for Lisa, who is following in her Dad’s footsteps, became a Board Certified Ocularist and continues to provide me with the support I need to live a normal life.” JJ – Nashville, NC

I have worn a prosthesis since I was 6 years old. I have had many made; some very bad ones from Non-Certified Ocularists and wonderful ones from Board Certified Ocularists – I would never recommend going to just any one that’s not certified. What I have learned the most is the least I touch my prosthesis, it’s as though it’s not even there and very comfortable. Getting Lisa to polish my prosthesis every six months also keeps my eye feeling invisible. But there was a time when I was younger and getting used to my prosthesis that I did touch it often throughout the day. The more I touched it, the more it caused discomfort, chronic discharge and dryness, so I have learned “NOT TO TOUCH IT” (unless absolutely necessary), which means about 2 or 3 times monthly. I flush my eye every day without removing with saline solution, which makes it feel refreshed." RB – Salemburg, NC Age 34








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